Bonding & Smile Design

Bonding is a process where a composite resin is applied to teeth to correct minor chips, cracks or separations between teeth. Unlike veneers which slip over the teeth, the teeth are first etched to provide a good surface for the bond. The bonding material is brushed on in layers, each one hardening in a few seconds under a high-intensity light. The final layer is polished to match your natural tooth enamel. The whole procedure can be done in one visit, unless there is a need for extensive bonding on several teeth.

Bonding is one process we use to assist our patients in getting their ideal smile! We also partner with Smile-Vision to help our patients get a visual understanding of their desired look. Smile-Vision offers clinically accurate custom drawn cosmetic simulations. Smile-Vision has developed techniques that will allow our team to take pictures quickly and easily for fast cosmetic imaging. This allows our office to offer visual case presentations to our patients on an individual basis.

From bonding to veneers, we are able to determine which procedure best fits each patient’s needs and develop an individual plan just for you!

To learn more about how to get your ideal smile, please contact our Treatment Coordinator to schedule your consultation.